Tools to Groom Your Dog’s Nails

You have two choices when it comes to your dog’s toenails; either go to the salon or do it yourself. If you decide to go the DIY route you will need to get the best tools for the job as any inferior quality tools can and likely will result in some sort of injury to your dog. You can either cut or grind the nails and both have their advantages.

If you are going to grind the nails then you have many choices in the market place. You can even use that rotary tool you bought but haven’t found a use for yet. There are special rotary tools or grinders made just for pet nails and claws. The difference is the ones designed for pets have a lower top speed, most are cordless and most come with a guide that fits over the grinding wheel. If you are attempting to use a regular rotary tool DO NOT operate it above 7,500 rpm as this will burn the nail. Copper kettle¬†You will need to get your pet use to the grinder which means you will not use this tool straight out of the box.

The traditional way to trim a dog’s nails is with the use of a trimmer or cutter. Several different designs make up the tools in this category.

Guillotine style trimmers have a guide that the nail fits in and a blade that closes to cut the nail when the pliers type handles are pressed together. This type of cutter is used for small to medium dogs. The blade has to be replaced as it dulls with use.

Pliers type nail trimmers are made of forged steel and, as the name implies, are designed similar to a pair of standard pliers. The blades are opposing crescents that accept the nail, trimming when the handles are pressed together. These cutters are sturdy, easy to use on all breeds and because of their versatility are preferred by professional groomers.

Scissor type dog nail clippers are design similar to a pair of scissors with small cutting edges. These are good for small dogs and possibly cats. The design is not strong enough for larger dogs.

If you do not know how to cut your dog’s nails ask your veterinarian for some instructions. Learn the anatomy of the dog nail as trimming too close to the quick can cause bleeding and pain to your pal. Make sure you buy the right tools for your size and breed of dog. Buy the best quality of trimmer you can as an inferior tool could crush the nail rather than cutting it again resulting in pain for you dog. Trimming your dog’s nails will save you some money, trips to the groomers and will help create a stronger bond between you and your dog.

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