Teaching Dog to Heel? Need Help? Read This!

It good to remember a few key things when your teaching dog to heel. When your walking with your dog, make sure that you say his name approximately two seconds before you turn and as you turn say the “heel” command. After all, he doesn’t know when you going to plan on changing directions. So give him a heads up and make sure that your guiding him on a leash and with your left leg. Do not command him in such a way that he’s going to be scared, and you should also remember that his leash isn’t there for you to tug or jerk him hard. Remember, your teaching dog to heel, not scaring him until he does what you say.

Now, if he goes in a different direction, other then yours while your walking, don’t react to it, just turn around completely and go in the opposite direction, as he heels each time, make sure that you treat and praise him. He’ll learn that by him listening to you it benefits him, How to teach dog to roll over after all he gets treats and he’ll catch on to this fast if you just keep teaching dog to heel. Now this doesn’t mean that you should over do his training, just a few minutes a day should be fine.

You must be patient since it takes different dogs different. Teaching dog to heel, I have found that when he has already mastered the “come” command, it tends to be a lot easier and makes teaching dog to heel go by a lot faster. In the link below, there’s a free video with a dog training lesson on it, it was super helpful to me, I hope it helps with teaching dog to heel, it sure helped me out a lot. It’s worth checking out for sure.

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