How to Teach Fetch to YOUR Dog – Teaching Fetch is Important!

You may wonder about the benefits involved in teaching fetch or simply how to teach fetch to your dog the correct way. Teaching this to your pup benefits him in many ways. I will share with you some of the common benefits involved in teaching fetch and also guide you through the methods used when learning how to teach fetch.

There are many benefits of teaching fetch to your dog. First off dogs love to play fetch and teaching fetch is a great form of exercise for your pup. As we all know, all dogs need exercise. It promotes wellness and reduces naughty behavior. By teaching fetch you should start seeing less barking, digging, chewing and hyper activity. Teaching fetch also improves your dogs mental stimulation. Copper kettle So you should really consider learning how to teach fetch.

When you learn how to teach fetch to your dog, you should know that there are only a few steps to learn. The first thing that you need is two toys that are alike. You are going to show him the first one and tease him with it so that he really wants it. Throw the toy and the dog should naturally chase after it. As soon as the dog picks the toy up, call his name and show him that you have the other toy. He should immediately come back to you.

It may take a few tries for him to bring the first one back but that is fine. That is what happens when you learn how to teach fetch. As you can see learning how to teach fetch is quite simple and if you practice for only 5 minutes each day, your dog should understand how to fetch in just a few days. If you do this before bed time, your dog should be sleepy instead of restless when it is time to chill out and go to bed. If you need more help training your dog, be sure to watch the free video lesson at the bottom.

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