Desktop Publishing With Microsoft Word

If you own Microsoft Word and aren’t yet ready to purchase desktop publishing software, it is still possible to create the quality publications you need. Anyone competent in Microsoft Word can, with a little practice, develop well-designed documents and publications. Here’s how to maximize Word’s formatting and graphics features to competently create publications.

Microsoft Word’s Desktop Publishing Features

One of the reason’s you can get by without purchasing a desktop publishing application is that Microsoft built so many of the necessary features into Word. MS Word Free Download Full Version The ability to draw lines and borders, for example, allows you to create forms, highlight pull-outs and make headings stand out.

Another publishing standard available in Microsoft Word is the text box feature. It allows you to drop text into the middle of objects while controlling the placement, size and font. In the same way, AutoShapes make drawing geometric figures, arrows or banners a breeze.

These features, combined with the huge template gallery available both within the software and online through the Microsoft Office website, give you tremendous versatility in creating products. Templates for invitations, flyers, banners and just about any type of business publication are readily available and can be completed quickly with no special training. You might also try searching the internet for template collections posted by expert Microsoft Word users.

But let’s get back to those special desktop publishing features that help you create professional products in Word. An extremely powerful tool is the drawing canvas, where you can gather objects, size them and move them about easily before final placement on your document.

While we’re discussing objects, the built-in ease of coloring, formatting and sizing them in Microsoft Word should encourage users to include them to break up text areas. For example, a drab publication can become more enjoyable to read, simply by adding WordArt creations or AutoShapes.

If you’re just not sure you can teach yourself these new skills quickly enough, try an online course in advanced Microsoft Word skills. You can also find help on forums visited by Word experts.

Now that you’re aware of the versatile desktop publishing features within Microsoft Word, begin using it for more than word processing. Allow yourself to push the limits of this powerful application. By doing so, you’ll grow more comfortable with the general concepts of desktop publishing. When you’re finally ready to select desktop publishing software, you’ll have gained valuable knowledge about the features you require and their importance in creating the publications you need.

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