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I’ve seen my share of vacuums come and go through the years. There were a lot of funny memories attached to some of those vacuum cleaners. One of them had to do with a flying cockroach and an upright vacuum. I still remember the day that mom let one of those door to door vacuum salesman come in and give us a demonstration. We were pretty impressed with his presentation until he took out a cup of sand and poured it out onto the carpet. He told us to watch as he vacuumed up part of the mess with my mom’s old vacuum. It did a pretty good job. Then he took his vacuum and proceeded to turn bright red with embarrassment as his vacuum failed to pick up half as much sand as my mom’s old one did. Needless to say, she didn’t buy that bright, shiny new canister vacuum that day. We stuck with the one that did the job. Today there are so many vacuums on the market it seems almost impossible to know which one to buy. In this article, we take a closer look at some of the best full-sized vacuum cleaners reviews according to consumer reports, expert advice and customer reviews.

Flanagan Weighs In On Vacuums
According the Barbara Flanagan, author of Flanagan’s Smart Home: The 98 Essentials for Starting Out, Starting Over, Scaling Back, there is one vacuum on the market that is superior to all the others. Her decision is based on ten criteria which she talks about in the introduction of her book. Her top pick for the best full-sized vacuum is the basic Miele canister vacuum cleaner without Hepa filter. best robot vacuum for pet hair 2019 However, she does go on to say that the vacuum that your local vacuum cleaner repairman/dealer recommends for you according to your unique needs would also be an excellent choice. Miele vacuums are well built with German engineering and have a sharp company policy of keeping parts of discontinued vacuums for fifteen years. Anyone who has ever gone through the frustration of trying to find replacement parts for their old vacuum cleaner knows exactly how beneficial this company policy is.

The Scoop on Full-Sized Upright Vacuums
Consumer Reports Magazine (May 2010) did a ton of research on the Best & Worst Home & Yard Products out there which included a look at full-sized upright vacuum cleaners. According to the reports the top three full-sized upright vacuums were:

  1. Hoover WindTunnel Anniversary Edition U6485-900
  2. Hoover Platinum Bagged UH30010COM
  3. Miele S7210 Twist

The three of them had basically the same overall score. Both Hoover vacuums had overall scores of 73 while the Miele had an overall score of 72. The article did not go into detail as to the criteria on which they judged the vacuums except to say that you should push and lift the vacuum before making the purchase.

Full-Sized Canister Vacuums that Rock
According to the May 2010 Consumer Reports Magazine canister vacuums usually do a better job at cleaning upholstery, drapes and bare floors. Only three vacuums made the cut. The three full-sized canister vacuums were:

  1. Kenmore Intuition 28014
  2. Kenmore Progressive 27514
  3. Hoover WindTunnel S3670

The Kenmore Intuition did the best with an overall score of 73. It was also the most expensive at about $500. The Kenmore Progressive was also fairly good, receiving an overall score of 70. They were significantly less expensive at $300. The Hoover WindTunnel S3670 also came in at $300 but scored 68 overall.

Good Things to Know Before Buying Full-Sized Vacuum Cleaners
When choosing your full-sized vacuum, you may want to consider the return policy and the warranty. A good return policy gives you the opportunity to try the product at home without risk. A good warranty allows you to maintain your vacuum cleaner and prevents unnecessary repair costs or replacement costs. One of the benefits of Kenmore products have a hassle-free return policy. If you don’t like them, you can return them within a 90 day period. That gives you plenty of time to vacuum every nook in your home or apartment. All full-sized Hoover vacuums have a one year warranty. Overall, the Miele is unbeatable when it comes to warranty. All Miele vacuum cleaners come with a 7-year warranty on the motor and a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

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